Archive: May 2010

0 A.D., a modern, open source, Age of Empires-like real-time strategy game, just released version Pre-Alpha 2 of their game. 0 A.D Pre-Alpha 2 is already available on (or you can compile the game yourself). Happy gaming!

The Humble Indie Bundle, which included 5 games, and recently added a sixth, announced four of the games open sourced by their respective developers, Lugaru is the first to be open sourced (GPL) – claiming that within hours users have already submitted patches – while Aquaria, Gish and Penumbra: Overture are still currently being open […]

The Humble Indie Bundle, which I spoke about previously, has added a new game to their roster called Samorost 2 by Amanita Design! Samorost 2 Interestingly enough, the is flash and runs locally in your favourite browser as opposed to being based on OpenGL like the other games. So make sure you have the Adobe […]