Delete a Table Without Deleting the Data in (or LibreOffice)

Father called. Had a problem. He needed to delete a table that he started entering data into, but didn’t want to go through and cut and paste data from every row and place it outside the table and then delete the table. A quick search found little results for but a couple for Word. So I decided to post this built-in trick that many might not know about.

If you have a table in Word Processor and want to delete the table with out deleting the data,

select Table > Convert > Table to Text...,

then select whether you have the data spaced out by tabs, semicolons, paragraphs or other (if you’re not sure, keep the default),

and viola! You have removed the table without sacrificing your data.

Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous

    Which theme are you using? Looks like Elementary mashed with Nodoka.

    • Anonymous

      Controls: Clearlookscustom coloursWindow border: ElementaryIcons: FaenzaFont: Droid SansFont (title bar): Ubuntu

  • Andrew D

    Looks super handy, thanks for the post!

  • pickname

    thankyou !!!!!!!!

  • Yasser Mohammad

    If you are using Libre Office Writer and you want to delete only the table but not the contents. Using the above method when you click on “Separate text on tabs, paragraphs, etc” your content is going to disorder itself after conversion. The simpler and better way of removing tables without your content being disordered is ” just go to a icon that says “BORDERS” and choose the first icon….you are done…you also have an option to choose if you want to delete table only for rows or columns, etc. Hope this helps.

  • Ben Opp

    thanks so much, very helpful!

  • jamespannozzi

    Worked in Libre Office too ! Many thanks !

  • faruk

    how to clear contents without cut

  • Vipula Chatura

    Hey Its worked. Thank you very much.