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jQuery Mobile is great for adding mobile functionality and good-looking widgets when developing mobile apps or development. It can also be extended to use your own layouts, design and theme. One instance I’ve found is that jQuery Mobile’s layout stretches the entire width of the browser. This is great for mobile devices, but not so […]

Originally published for my current employer at the Whatever Media blog… Background As a Web Developer and Computer Scientist, I’ve had to deal with research on both web browsers and operating systems and how each piece of software deals with hardware (memory, hard drives, processors, etc.), users, security and the interaction between all three. What […]

As noted by Bob Sutor, an IBM employee, Mozilla Firefox will now be the default browser for the entire staff at IBM. He stated that a few thousand employees used Firefox by choice on their Linux, Mac and Windows machines, but the browser will now be installed by default on all their laptop and desktop […]